Our Tips

Which Champagne ?

  • Apéritifs : Rosé, Brut Cuvée d'excellence Millésime
  • Meat : : Rilly Rouge, Rosé.
  • Poultry and white meats : Brut Grande Réserve Millésime, Rosé.
  • Cheese : Rilly Rouge.
  • Desserts : Demi-Sec, Rosé
  • Cocktails, Weddings : Brut Grande Réserve
How do you store Champagne ?
  • The Champagne is delivered ready to drink and it is not necessary to age it any further.
  • Keep your bottles laid down in a cool environment (maximum 15°) out of the light and draughts.
How do you serve Champagne ?
  • Serve Champagne chilled but not iced.
  • The ideal temperature is between 6° and 8°.
  • Avoid keeping Champagne for too long a time in the fridge as this could ‘’break’’ the wine.
  • It is better to use an ice bucket half filled with water and ice.
  • Pour slowly into thin and elegant Champagne glasses.
  • Listen…Look….Smell….Relish….to your good health!!!!!