The Vineyards

Today our vineyards consist of 10 hectares in 4 villages of the Montagne de Reims : Villers Allerand, Rilly la Montagne, Chigny les Roses and Ludes and 2 villages of the Côte de Sezanne: Sezanne and Vindey and in the Marne Valley with Barzy sur Marne. The domain’s grape varieties are mainly Chardonnay with 40%, then Pinot Noir with 34% and Pinot Meunier with 27%.

Most of our vineyard is classed 1er Cru for 72% of our wine estate.

The use of reasonned wine growing methods on the domain means we respect the environment which remains a viticulture less demanding on phytosanitaire products.

In the vineyards we aim to respect the soil with grassing several of the plots, with mechanical weeding and with working the soil so as to enhance the microbial life and the rooting. The green works, especially the budding and the trellising are very meticulous tasks which help to decrease illnesses and limit the inputs. These two practices help us to obtain an optimal maturity, healthy vines and an excellent quality for the future harvest.

The multitude of our terroirs united to all of these practices is the guarantee of the authenticity of our Champagnes and reveals the indentities of the different terroirs.