The Wine Making

The identity of our Champagnes come entirely from our own production. All the stages of the wine making, from the grape pressing to the sales, are all done on the domain.

The sorting of the harvest is done meticulously plot by plot.

The grapes are pressed in our quality certified press, the pressing is done at a slow pressure so as to extract the highest quality juices. The alcoholic fermentation and the malolactic fermentation are done in our thermos-regulated stainless steel vats to better control the vinification process.

Wine blending is the art of creating a quality wine combining wines, grape varieties and wines from previous years to the complex aromatic and organoleptic characters. The tasting of the different cuvées is the key to perceiving the future of each of our Champagnes and to guarantee a consistency to our authentic and distinctive Champagnes.

It is deep down in our cellars, typically Champenoise, vaulted and sculpted in the chalk, that the long ageing of our hundreds of thousands of bottles continues for several years at a constant temperature close to 10° and with a stable hygrometry. In the coolness, the calm and the darkness of our cellars, the Daniel Dumont Champagne acquire an optimal maturity thanks to to the extended ageing also called ‘’ lath maturing’’. This process brings an extra complex taste to our future Champagnes due to an exchange between the lees and the wine inside the bottle. Our patience and our respect of wine contribute to the making of our Champagnes gifted with subtle and delicate aromas to maintain a balanced taste.